People join organizations for different reasons.

Read what our members say about the value of belonging to BBIA:

“While the tangible benefits of BBIA membership — BBIA funded industry programs, purchasing discounts, educational programs — more than justify the association’s membership fee, I’ve found the opportunity to discuss business and trends in a low-stress atmosphere with the industries’ leading figures to be the single most valuable BBIA benefit.”

– Mike Panozzo, Luby Publishing

“The BBIA Convention is the only place in this industry that manufacturers and distributors can get together on a social basis without interruption from customers such as you would have at the BPAA or other conventions. The manufacturer-distributor meeting is the one place you can express your problems and desires. Discussing common problems quite often results in a solution for everyone. I have yet to attend a convention where I did not learn enough to more than pay for the trip. In today’s competitive world, belonging to BBIA gives information you need to make intelligent decisions.”

– Gary Wilson, Complete Bowling Service

“The BBIA convention is a good way for manufacturers to meet with their retail counterparts in a social, non pressure environment”.

– Butch Olhausen, Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing

“Since joining the association in 1995, I have always believed the BBIA organization was an excellent opportunity to meet with our distributor network collectively and share and exchange information that was important to the sale and distribution of our products . . . The BBIA’s new meeting forum has a renewed meaning and purpose for each attending member both manufacturer and distributor . . . We feel confident that our pre-season presentation during the BBIA convention will improve the distribution and promotion of several new product introductions this season. Additionally, the new format change still allowed ample time to discuss more distributor specific issues individually and discretely at several of the other social functions planned during the convention. All in all, it was one of the best and most productive conventions we have ever attended. There is real value and benefit to being a BBIA member.”

– Lori Mraz, Turbo Grips