Who We Are and What We do

The Billiard and Bowling Institute of America (B.B.I.A.) is a not-for-profit association formed in Chicago in 1940 to service the billiard and bowling industries. Comprised of leading bowling and billiard manufacturers, independent bowling distributors and major billiard retailers, B.B.I.A aims to foster the growth of these two great sports throughout the world and advance the common interests of its members.

The B.B.I.A network is uniquely structured to open channels of communication between manufacturers and distributors in order to assist and improve our members’ business operations. B.B.I.A. provides an innovative forum for billiard and bowling businesses to share ideas, gain information, gather feedback and explore the dynamics of the product pipeline between manufacturer and end user. Meetings and forums allow members to capitalize on leading industry knowledge, discover new products and learn how to improve the service, quality and products received by the end user while mingling with professionals who share a passion for the sports.