2023 Manufacturer and Distributor Meeting Times

Meeting Room9:30 - 10:1510:20 -11:0511:10 -11:5512:00 - 12:451:00 - 1:45 1:45 - 2:302:35 - 3:203:25 - 3:554:00 - 4:454:50 - 5:35
Ace MitchellPelhamBrunswick ConsumerBrunswick AMDexterKegelLUNCHStorm/ Roto/ GlobalQAMFKR StrikeforceMOTIVTurbo
Bowlers SupplySalon GJoPoBrunswick ConsumerBrunswick AMStorm/ Roto/ GlobalLUNCHMOTIVKRStrikeforceQAMFTURBODexter
Buffa BowlingSalon EDexterKR StrikeforceStorm/ Roto/ GlobalBrunswick ConsumerLUNCHNext GenJoPo GripsJayhawkKegelQAMF
Classic ProductsSalon EStorm/ Roto/ GlobalDexterBrunswick ConsumerBrunswick AMLUNCHQAMFMOTIVTurboKR StrikeforceNext Gen
Di Laura Salon E MOTIVStorm/ Roto/ GlobalKegelDexterLUNCHJoPo GripsNext GenBrunswick ConsumerBrunswick AMBSI
EBDPelhamQAMFKegelBSIKR StrikeforceLUNCHDexterTurboStorm/ Roto/ GlobalJayhawkJoPo Grips
Gran PrixSalon FBrunswick AMJayhawkJo Po GripsNext GenLUNCHTurboBrunswick ConsumerKegelBSIStorm/ Roto/ Global
Hudson BowlingSalon H JayhawkTurboNext GenBSILUNCHBrunswick ConsumerStorm/ Roto/ GlobalDexterJo Po GripsKR Strikeforce
Island B.S.Salon H Next GenBSIKR StrikeforceMOTIVLUNCHJawhawkOPENOPENBrunswick ConsumerOPEN
Steve Cook B.S.Salon FBSINext GenJayhawkJo PoLUNCHKR StrikeforceDexterOPENStorm/ Roto/ GlobalOPEN
Meeting Room
9:00 - 9:459:50 -10:3510:40 - 11:2511:30 - 12:15Noon - 1:001:15 - 3:001:15 - 3:003:00 - 6:456:45 - 9:30
Ace MitchellPelhamJayhawkBSIJoPo GripsNext Gen LUNCHCatalog Discussion General SessionFREE TIMEISA Reception and Dinner
Bowlers SupplySalon GBSINext GenJayhawkKegelLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Buffa BowlingSalon GTurboBrunswick AMOPENBSILUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Classic ProductsSalon EKegelJoPo GripsBSIJayhawkLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Di Laura Salon EQAMFJayhawkKR StrikeforceTurboLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
EBDPelhamNext GenBrunswick ConsumerOPENOPENLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Gran PrixSalon FKR StrikeforceDexterMOTIVQAMFLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Hudson BowlingSalon H MOTIVOPENOPENOPENLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Island B.S.Salon H Jo Po GripsTurboDexterStorm/ Roto/ GlobalLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Steve Cook B.SSalon F Brunswick ConsumerQAMFTurboMOTIVLUNCHCatalog DiscussionGeneral Session
Hudson B.S. No Kegel; No QAMF, No Brunswick AM
Steve Cook B.S.No Kegel
Island B.S.No Kegel, Brunswick AM or QAMF
EBD No Brunswick AM, No MOTIV